Self & Home Realignment

Release old patterns and beliefs.     

Align to your true potential.

Create flow.

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“When we recognize and unite with our center, or source energy, we can create whatever we want to bring into being.  

Through focusing and tapping, we can release old patterns and beliefs, 

getting in touch with our joy through meditation and yoga.

Realigning our homes to reflect our highest selves, we attract and bring in the same energy and vibration, manifesting the life that we ultimately want to live."


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Connecting the dots


Living your best and most significant life simply means being aligned with your higher self.  Your true spirit.  The question of how to do just that has been an ongoing theme in my life even before I knew the question.  I was in my twenties when I recognized the importance of letting go of negative emotion so they wouldn't predominate my day.  Years later I was studying acting, and EFT or tapping came into my life, something I have refined and use to this day.

Through a dark time in 2009, spending months in bed, I found Diane McFarland.  She was an energy worker and healer out of Tonasket WA that taught me how to focus (Eugene Gendlin) and how to reset negative past experiences present in the body.  Through Diane I also recognized the importance of physical movement for resetting the mind.  

As an Energy Intuitive my work is about clearing spaces so that we can re-infuse them with our intentions. Feng Shui or home re-alignment has been a love of mine, and a subject of deep study for many years-  

The understanding and joy of manifesting, or creating our lives from the inside brings these gifts together.   I believe we all carry not only a specific energy, but also a Life lesson or two. Clearing self limiting beliefs and connecting with our true potential using the supportive energies that are present all around us will help us create a path of health and joy that is directly connected with source. 

Katie Johann, June 2021

*certified Feng Shui and Landscape Consultant

*certified Yoga Teacher. 



Taos, NM 87571, USA

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