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Taku Nin Chi

Taku Nin Chi is a phrase that was made up by Howard and me.  It's a combination of the Lakota words "Taku Nin" which means 'All that is' and Chi.  A word for energy that is used in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui and Qi Gong.  

Taku Nin Chi or "All that is Energy" encapsulates what we want to offer here.  

Using energy to come back to center.

The Center; that place in us that knows our own divinity, that knows where it comes from and what it is connected to.....

and so, we work together; combining our gifts of Intuition, Feng Shui, Yoga, and Nutrition to support people who wish to come back to center.

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Katie Johann is a certified Yoga and Feng Shui Teacher with an Ayurvedic Certification. She works with Spirit and from intuition and likes to help people recognize their own natural support system. She helps humans connect to what will help them.



Howard Bad Hand is an I Ching Master, and a Singer.  He is a known Spiritual Leader among his people, the Lakota. His speciality is helping people come back to their center. He offers I Ching Readings and intuitive Consults through Senchi Life.


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