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Holistic Feng Shui


holistic coaching

I offer Realignment Coaching over zoom, and in person. The goal of Realignment Coaching is to raise your energy, your vibration and your joy for life, so that you can attract the energy that will expand you;  opening your intuition, raising your standard of living, finding the work that suits you best. Enjoying good  health, and the right partner- if that is what you're looking for. The most important element of coaching sessions, is creating a system so that you can find your space of alignment on a daily basis.  We will be using yogic techniques, energy work and focusing. Every day is different, and learning to use a new mindset that leads you always back to a space of unconditional joy, will be our goal.  Yours and mine.  Together we will then look at your Space and get inspired to create your expansion.  Your home is an extension of you.  Clearing and Reorganizing, you are doing the same to your way of thinking. 

You will receive specific Readings and Exercises, and a way to move forward.  

A special piece of Feng Shui Art will be created for you, to hold and bring in what brings you joy. 

Every Client will receive 6 weeks of coaching as well as 2 years of email support.

Price is $836 for live and $612 for distance.

+ $80 fee for Art work.

Payment plans are available.

Realignment Consult

The Goal of the Realignment Consult is to give you a leg up on aligning with your best self and assist you in creating the life that is a true expansion of your heart and spirit.

When we do a Consult, either live or over zoom,  we will have two meetings. We will meet over zoom or face time for our initial meeting, so I can get to know you. I will then get back to you with a reading- a video of exercises to follow along with and a Feng Shui Design.   In our last zoom, we will talk about what works,  what needs tweaking, and come up with a final, easy to follow plan together.

Prices are $316 for live consulting and $136 for distance consult. 

Yoga for Manifesting

Join me on  Monday mornings, for a slow flow, breathing, and meditation session, all in the name of Realignment.  We will get in touch with our Bodies, and make peace with our true selves.  Creating a space for Mindset and energy to change.  

This is a zoom class, meeting from 10 to 11 am MST

Cost is $10 per class, or $30 per month. First class is free.

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