Private Coaching

'Connecting through Energy'

As the Creators of our lives, every change starts with us.  

Through Private coaching we will work together to uncover and 

understand what belongs to your personal expansion and connect with that energy, so that manifesting becomes part of your natural alignment.

We will remove resistances through tapping, focusing and energy work and

create a daily practice that is aligned with your wishes and a joy to do.

Next we will look at your home;

fixing any blockages and energy leaks here,

and re-aligning your home to create an ally to support you on your journey.  

I take on a limited number clients, and only those that I know I can be of value to.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to book a session.


Home Realignment

creating a space that is aligned with your future, that nourishes and supports your health and well-being.

Understanding that your home is a representation of you that carries not just your energy but also your patterns, blockages and successes, we will work from where you are to where you want to be.   For more information or to request a booking, click the link below.

20% discount for workshopers.